Pink Wednesday: September 14, 2011

As promised last week!

I used Zoya Dita, and Rhonni‘s franken Crazy as a Capper as an accent. Pink and silver are gorgeous, and glitter is even better. I wanted Dita to show through, so I only used one layer of CAAC.

And changing it up, I photographed my right hand! Usually I take photos of my left, because I’m a righty, but somehow tonight this hand turned out to be better.

Dita is a lovely dark pink. I usually prefer brighter shades, but this one is gorgeous.

My one problem I’m having with some of my beloved Zoyas? VNL. You can definitely see it in the middle finger, and this is three coats of Dita. I think I need to pay more attention to the opacity levels in my spreadsheet when choosing a base, because Zoya colors have a range of 1-5. This would probably be better layered over a more opaque shade.

Basecoat: none
Color: Zoya Dita
Accent nail: franken, Crazy as a Capper
Topcoat: Seche Vite

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