No photos in this post, just want to update since it’s been a while. I did a mani with the gorgeous Kaleidoscope Him Out this weekend. Hoping it’s sunny Monday so I can get some good photos of the holo and post it. I did some nail art as an accent, and it’s okay but… I still need to practice with my dotting tools. Oh, and I did a franken that I’m calling Flashlight Tag, so hopefully I’ll be posting that later this week as well. (If not, remind me. Throw cotton balls at me or something.)

More importantly, I want to give you a heads up that I am going to do my first ever giveaway in October for some Halloween-themed polishes! I thought about doing giveaways at different follower milestones, but decided against it. Nothing against bloggers who do that, because I give them credit for being able to keep up with that. But followers are really not that big a deal for me. Sure, it’s exciting to see my numbers climb, but if I had zero followers I would still want to blog my nail art for my own sake.

I’m thinking I probably won’t leave it open to followers only. If you want to follow me, cool. If not, whatever. Like I said, I’m not doing a giveaway to get more followers. I just love Halloween and thought these polishes were pretty cool and would make a great prize.

It will be US-only, however, because international shipping is costly. I’ll leave the giveaway open for two weeks, because I am hoping that gives me time to pick a winner and for the polish to be delivered in time to enjoy it for this Halloween. Plus if the winner doesn’t respond, I have time to pick an alternate and still get it there before the holiday.

I KNOW, I KNOW!!! You are all thinking, “if this chick loves pink so much, why isn’t the prize a pink polish?” Well here’s a secret: if you want a chance at a surprise pink polish consolation prize, make sure your comment includes the phrase “I love Sixteen Candles.” Because despite the name of my blog, I don’t like the movie Pretty in Pink at all. Don’t tell anyone about the consolation prize though, because the fewer people that enter, the better chance you have of winning it! Here’s a hint: the prize will be a polish mentioned in my Be A Dahlia Won’t You? comparison post. Shhhh!!!!!

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