Pink Wednesday: September 28, 2011

With 12 minutes left of Pink Wednesday (in my time zone) I am going to just squeeze this post in. 🙂 I have been loving the Julep Maven program. I love their hand scrub and the SPF 30 hand lotion. In fact, I never use cuticle oil, so I swapped the one I got with the lotion a friend got and didn’t want. And I might have to switch profiles. While I LOVED the Carrie I got, I was not thrilled with Alfre and I’m undecided on Toni. But… another friend in my polish group on Facebook posted an offer for her Samantha as a swap, and I jumped all over that. I sent her Alfre, and today I got Samantha in the mail.

Let me tell you something, folks, it was love at first sight.

Samantha is a perfect shade for my skin tone (I know, all my polish ladies are tired of hearing me say that, but it totally is!) and receiving her in the mail on Pink Wednesday, how could I NOT use her right away? I had considered doing stamping with Carrie on top, but couldn’t find my stamper and didn’t feel like looking for it. Instead I added some butterfly rhinestones to the ring and index fingers on my left hand.

Here’s a couple photos. The first is the usual “claw shot” but I had to add the second because the butterflies are “upside down.”

I know my clean-up skills still need some work, but I’m getting better. This time there was less polish on my skin. I just need more practice for a more steady hand. I wish the rhinestone colors came out better. Each is different. The ring is light blue, light purple, and a pretty honey-orange. The index finger is a darker purple, red, and royal blue.

Base coat: OPI Nail Envy, Original
Polish: Julep Samantha
Accent Nails: butterfly rhinestones from ebay
Top coat: Seche Vite

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