Dupe alert! Julep Samantha, Orly Hottie, Orly Passion Fruit

As I was putting on Julep Samantha for Pink Wednesday yesterday, it was looking very familiar. In fact, it reminded me a lot of Orly Hottie in the first manicure I posted! Here’s a reminder of what they looked like, in case you don’t want to click over to those posts.

First is Orly Hottie:

Next is Julep Samantha:

They look very different up there because of the lighting, but here’s a comparison of the bottles. You can see below that they are almost the same.

And three photos comparing them on a nail wheel. I accidentally flipped them, so below it is Julep Samantha on the left and Orly Hottie on the right. On one coat they were different because Samantha is more opaque. Below is two coats of Samantha, and three coats of Hottie. Remember, you can click the photos to see them even larger.

I have a tiny bottle of Hottie, and I have been wanting a large bottle. So I did a Google search to see if it comes full size, and it doesn’t… but I did see something about Hottie being a dupe of Orly Passion Fruit… which I also have! So when I got home from work tonight I had to totally redo the whole swatch and photo thing, but I figured I’d leave these photos in the post since I already did the work. LOL.

So here we go. Again. Left to right: Julep Samantha, Orly Hottie, Orly Passion Fruit

Triple dupe alert! Two coats of Samantha, three coats each of the Orly polishes. I don’t care that I apparently had TWO dupes for Samantha, I’m still excited to have her in my collection.

I have photos for two blue manicures, to be posted in the next few days. And my first ever giveaway, which I will post on October 1st!

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