Blog Spotlight: Haute Lacquer

It’s time for another Blog Spotlight! Here at Pretty in Pink Polish, I like to highlight my friends’ nail polish blogs once or twice a month. I am absolutely gobsmacked at how talented my friend Shaina “Haute Lacquer” is… and she’s a baby! You wouldn’t know by looking at her nail art photos, but Shaina is in her early teens. Here is just one of the many awesome manicures she has done.

My husband took one look at this photo and called her “one of your crazy polish friends.” I wouldn’t just call Shaina a crazy polish friend… I’d call her a nail art queen! Shaina’s blog is called Haute Lacquer. If you want some tips on doing nail art, check out her guide here. Shaina is trying to win a $25,000 scholarship from Seventeen magazine, so please also go to her post here to find out how YOU can help her win by voting for her on Facebook! 🙂

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