Pink Wednesday: October 5, 2011

Welcome to all of my new followers! Of course with a blog called Pretty in Pink Polish, one of my favorite things is posting a Pink Wednesday mani. I’ve realized that I seem to fall back on a default setting of glitter on the accent nail, and today is no exception. I promise I will try to mix it up a bit more. 🙂

I used Wet N Wild How I Met Your Magenta, and it’s so thin I did about four or five coats. Yikes! I know there is polish thinner, but does anyone know any tips to thicken polish for better coverage? The accent nail is Wet N Wild Sparked, which is gorgeous pink and silver glitter. Then I got bored a day later and added white and blue flower stickers to the thumbs.


Sorry about the tipwear. Like I said, I added the stickers a day later, so I had to take a new photo. And yes, even after four or five coats I can still see VNL on the middle finger. Nevertheless, the color is great and I would love to use it again. And since I LOVE the show that the name is riffed off, the name gets an A+ in my book.

Base coat: OPI Nail Envy, Original
Polish: Wet N Wild How I Met Your Magenta
Accent Nails: Wet N Wild Sparked, flower stickers from a kit at CVS
Top coat: Seche Vite

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