Pink Wednesday: October 19, 2011

Today has been a crazy week personally, so I apologize for the delay. Here’s part one of my PW nails for this week. Part 2 will be coming later or tomorrow, because I added a layer on top after I took this photo.

I hate so much about this photo. I hate that the tips are uneven. I hate that they are different lengths. I hate that there is tipwear. I hate that you can see VNL and the white splotch on my pinky nail that is finally almost all the way grown out… but I LOVE this color. It’s a pretty pink with a bit of blue in the shimmer, and reminds me of my favorite Zoya, which is Michelle. But it’s not bad considering it’s three coats and no base or top coat, and I was in a bad mood and needed some pink to cheer me up Tuesday morning! I’ve had a couple nails breaking recently, as you can see, and finally had to cut them down to nubbins. While I wait for them to grow out, expect some nail shots of my right hand, which is currently a better length.

This color is Aurora from the Disney Princess line of designer nail polish. I forgot to take a photo of the bottle but it’s adorably little. (I already talked about Cinderella and put a bottle shot here.) I probably won’t get many manicures out of each one, but this was worth three coats. Note to self: next time wear underwear!