Where I’ve been….

Okay, I know I haven’t written anything in a while, and I’m really sorry. I swear, I will be back. I did awesome nails for Halloween and will have to redo them to post pictures, because I didn’t take any good ones. And I’ve done one or two manicures since them, but again, no good pictures, just cell phone pics.

Last week I left work early Wednesday because I was exhausted. Thursday I didn’t go in. Friday I had to go in, but again left early. Before leaving I called my doctor and told him I needed to go in for a blood test, because I was pretty sure I had Lyme disease again — which I just had late July/early August of this year. So now it’s just a few months later, and I knew the exhausted was my major symptom last time. Sure enough, I got the results Tuesday and it is Lyme again, but fortunately it’s a new case and not the old case coming back. That’s a big deal.

I started a three week course of antibiotics, and it’s starting to make me feel better. The second major side effect of Lyme that I get is a nose that runs like a leaky faucet, and that’s almost all cleared up. But fatigue is also a side effect of antibiotics, so I’m still really tired. Hopefully it won’t be long until I’m feeling a lot better, but for now I’m not feeling much like blogging… or doing my nails frequently.

Like I said, I promise I’ll be back, hopefully soon.

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  1. Thanks, Connie! I've been resting as much as I can. Luckily my job was closed Tuesday and Friday this week (Election Day and Veteran's Day), so that's helped. Monday I left work after only an hour, but Wednesday and Thursday I stayed for the whole day. Hopefully this week I won't have to miss any more time.

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