Things To Do in 2012

I’ve been working on my 2012 Creating My Goddess Year workbook (click on the link to get your own) by Goddess Leonie and one activity is to come up with a list of 100 Things To Do in 2012 (except of course that there is a second number 86 on the list, so technically it’s 101 Things). I wasn’t going to post this publicly, but I figure, why not? Maybe if I post it then I will be more likely to do all of this stuff. There are several that I don’t know if I can accomplish it, like #2, but that doesn’t have to stop me from dreaming.

The list function in HTML coding automatically sets the numbers, so from #87 to the end I included a parenthetical note of the number those things have in my binder, so it’s easier to keep track in the future.


  1. end year w/less debt
  2. new car
  3. get pregnant
  4. sell a painting…
  5. …and 100 photos
  6. finish reading Drawing Down the Moon
  7. declutter home…
  8. …and computer
  9. read Women Who Run With The Wolves – don’t take notes
  10. win another NaNoWriMo
  11. do 12 Tarot/Oracle readings for myself
  12. do a new guided meditation 26 times
  13. finish 1st draft of Cursed
  14. do a new Carle-esque artwork
  15. do morning pages whenever I need to
  16. more sex!
  17. take a sabbath day once a week – no computer
  18. dance more!
  19. do karaoke
  20. find a copy of Some Other Summer and read it
  21. tell Mark I love him every day
  22. bake cupcakes from scratch
  23. read an autobiography NOT written for children
  24. get a pedicure in the summer
  25. sing as much as I can
  26. dance when I am not alone, as often as possible
  27. read the 2012 Newbery award winner
  28. meet Mark’s dad in person
  29. believe in faeries
  31. end the year with $3000 in my savings account
  32. paint something once a week
  33. do doodle meditation
  34. write, record, and sell my own guided meditation and ebook on… something
  35. finish the Creative Goddess ecourse
  36. do the Goddess Haven ecourse
  37. post in A Desire to Get Creative blog once a month
  38. do a jigsaw puzzle
  39. plant a seed
  40. laugh until it hurts
  41. cry a river…
  42. …and then build a bridge and get over it
  43. take a 4+ hour drive
  44. write 50 poems
  45. take a bubble bath
  46. paint a self-portrait
  47. do yoga
  48. drink peppermint tea
  49. learn how to make Mom’s candy cane cookies…
  50. …and carrot soup
  51. explore spirituality
  52. do 30 minutes (in a row) of silent meditation
  53. turn off the phone, don’t answer, hang up if the person on the other end saps my energy
  54. clear off my desk whenever it needs to be done
  55. compliment strangers
  56. hug my friends and family often
  57. wish on every rainbow I see – pictures count
  58. wash the floors at least four times
  59. send birthday cards
  60. send thank you cards from the wedding!
  61. do a faerie painting similar to my mermaid
  62. create a signature dessert using creme de menthe
  63. attend a flea market
  64. throw a dinner party
  65. design and create an outfit for myself. wear it.
  66. get more dresses, for everyday
  67. apply for Wheel of Fortune again
  68. create a mandala
  69. do a realistic painting of the moon
  70. do 5 Tarot/Oracle card readings for people other than myself
  71. be the model for a fashion photo shoot
  72. have a monthly photowalk to show the change of seasons
  73. take more photos of my family and friends…
  74. …and print them out and put them in a photo album
  75. celebrate little milestones with homemade brownies… with a birthday candle in it
  76. try to perfect my Irish accent
  77. wish on dandelions any time I see them ready to blow a wish on
  78. make a list of my 5 most inspirational books I’ve ever read…
  79. …and make someone read one
  80. make artwork about Mark and give it to him
  81. take photos of street signs I love
  82. posterboard collage a tribute to 1982
  83. stop lying to my GYNO – start doing monthly BSE!
  84. paint pretty colors on a real live tree
  85. get a bedazzler, use it, and *wear* my new stuff in public
  86. get a massage
  87. (86) fall in love with a new artist at the art gallery on the cruise
  88. (87) create my own ice cream flavor
  89. (88) celebrate Pink and Black Day
  90. (89) create another holiday
  91. (90) go on a walk with Mark at least once every other month
  92. (91) finish watching every episode of Big Brother
  93. (92) don’t wait until Halloween to figure out a rockin’ costume
  94. (93) find a natural remedy that actually cures a headache
  95. (94) ride a train by myself again (to Mom & Dad’s?)
  96. (95) try to write a song
  97. (96) write a 10 minute stand-up comedy routine so I will be prepared should the opportunity ever arise… make sure it’s about me
  98. (97) go shopping with Christina and Renee – let them pick out a ghetto outfit for me to try on
  99. (98) bake a cake
  100. (99) practice the flute more and get really good at a new song
  101. (100) come up with a system to reward myself if I do things on this list, like 1-10 things, 11-20 things, etc.

I hope to be able to use this post to keep track of which things I’ve done and which I haven’t. So if you see anything is in bold text, that means I consider it completed. If it’s a hyperlink, that means I’ve completed it AND wrote a post about it.

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