Word of the Year 2012: Hope


As you can see, my 2012 Word of the Year is HOPE. Before I talk about that, I want to remind you of my history with the WotY.

For 2010 I used Christine Kane’s Word of the Year Discovery Tool to come up with my Word for that year, which was PRESENCE. I abandoned the idea about two months into the year and feel like some time I may need to revisit that one.

For 2011 I decided on the word JOY. I didn’t blog about it, but it was amazing. I did art using the word. I saw the word everywhere. I thought about it and dreamed about it and let it seep into every part of my being. And gradually, throughout the year, I found JOY taking over my life. Not every minute was JOYful, but I grew and changed and found what I need to do and be to have JOY in my life. I ended the year on a very positive note, having healed something that was hurting under the surface for a long time and I didn’t even know it. I gave myself permission to unforgive people, and to set clear boundaries, and that if I don’t set clear boundaries from the start, I can still set those boundaries going forward. I reclaimed my safety when a situation got out of hand. I made new friends that I love to pieces. I started to take control of a medical disorder that I’ve been living with for a long time, and while some days are still a problem it’s usually almost like I don’t even have it. I lost some weight. I learned that self-care is important, and that I need to make it a priority in my life. I got a pink streak in my hair in the summer. I worked through The Artist’s Way in the first three months of 2011. I thought I was strong before, but I finished 2011 even stronger and healthier and happier, with more JOY than I would have thought possible a year ago.

For 2012, I didn’t need to work through a discovery tool and I didn’t even need to think about it. I was sent an email about a new message on a forum I use asking people what their Word of the Year is for 2012, and before I could think “I have to think about it,” the word popped into my head: HOPE. This year I want to have HOPE. I want to give others HOPE. I want to HOPE for things and see them manifest. I want to remember JOY and learn how it interacts with HOPE. I am very excited to see where this year and this word lead me.

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