Hello again…

I feel like I used to blog a lot, and then now I’ve been out of the loop for so long that I’m not used to it anymore. Even though the name of my blog is A Desire to Get Creative, it’s not all about creative pursuits like writing and making mixed media collages. It’s kind of an all-purpose blog that is an amalgamation (look it up, I’m not your dictionary; and yes, I have a degree in English and that word is definitely in my everyday vocab) of several blogs I had over at Blogger and then combined when I transferred to WordPress.

Last summer I posted that I had gotten a bunch of mermaid-y ocean-y things from the craft store and wanted to make a bunch of fun art with it. I still have all of those things and I still want to make art with them, I just haven’t gotten to it yet.

Lots of reasons I guess. We had bedbugs last summer and had to pack up all of our stuff for treatment. I started working with a life coach last July and started growing and changing in ways I could only dream about before, and I’m still growing with her help. I got a promotion in September and took on more responsibilities at work, which means time at home has been a lot of doing nothing.

And then came December and the start of a new cycle of the Creative Goddess e-course (hereafter “CG course”), which I had volunteered to help run since I am now a Circle Guide in the Goddess Circle. In the beginning of 2011 I did the first two weeks of the course and I began the third, but never finished it. So this time, I joined in where I had left off. Week Three is all about healing. I didn’t know what I could possibly need to heal, so I was stalled all year. But in starting the week’s materials in December, I realized that my healing was a year-long journey that had begun with my work on Week Three (coincidence?) of The Artist’s Way, also in the beginning of 2011.

I was able to complete Week Three of the CG course, and a few days later had a dream that confirmed that I was done with the work I needed to do to heal. The work was done in the activities of The Artist’s Way, and in lessons I learned while working with my life coach, and in completing the CG course week that took me all year. It was perfect timing that I had that dream in the last three days of 2011. It was a bookend for a very transformative year.

This year, I am already creating a lot more. I have finished CG Weeks 4 and 5. I have started Week 6, which is a big project that I’m excited to work on but will very likely take me a long time (finish the first draft of my novel Cursed so I can then edit, and eventually try submitting it for publication. I did art for my Word of the Year. Yesterday morning before going to work I had an urge to paint something and didn’t know what, so I grabbed the bottom of a box and painted it pink. I want to paint the top a different color, and maybe glue rhinestones and stuff on top. I don’t know what I will use the box for, but it will sure be pretty.

And of course, coming full circle… I want to blog more. I need to blog more. I love to write, I love to post photos of my art, and I love later re-reading old posts and seeing my progress. I even put blogging more on my list of 100 Things To Do In 2012 (part of the 2012 Creating Your Goddess Year workbook by Goddess Leonie). Please join me on my creative journey here.