Valentine’s Day rose


I LOVE THIS!!! A cream colored rose with pink edges, and three days after Valentine’s Day it’s even more beautiful than the bud it was when I bought it for myself.

Yes, that’s right. I didn’t get anything from my husband because he’s been dealing with pain issues and he went into the hospital on Tuesday, so on the way home from there I stopped by the grocery store and bought myself a rose.

(Ladies, even when you HAVE a man, it’s okay to not always NEED a man.)

I love this photo, did I already mention that? Because I do. I feel like this is a rose to write poetry about. And to write music and sing about. And to dance about in the moonlight under the stars. It isn’t just a spur of the moment, impulse buy.

It’s a symbol of all the work I’ve been doing in the past 8 months with my life coach, learning to love and respect and honor myself more fully.

It’s a symbol of the work I will continue to do with her, doing things I need to do in order to fulfill my dreams.

Where I’ve journeyed and where I will go in the future.

Saying yes to me because I want to, not saying no because I worry what others will think.

No, this is no ordinary rose. This is a magic rose. A rose that…. needs glitter glue on it! Ooh, that might be really pretty!!!


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