Revisiting 2010 Goals

This is a list that I wrote two years ago with my 100 Things To Do in 2010. Let’s see how many of them I accomplished and how many I no longer want to do…

  1. Turn 28 Yes, I did this
  2. Pay off my credit cards No, still have that goal
  3. Celebrate my first anniversary Yes, though it wasn’t as wonderful as I had hoped because my husband had recently had surgery
  4. Help Mark find a new job He wasn’t able to work until 2011 due to his health issues
  5. Finish selecting photos for the wedding album We didn’t finish until 2011, but yes it’s done
  6. Spend less time on the computer Working on it
  7. Bake cookies once a month Haha, no but I should start this one up again
  8. Submit a novel for (maybe) publishing Still on my To Do list!
  9. Dance in the rain Probably yes, I love the rain
  10. Play on the swings Probably not, but I love doing that
  11. Cry my heart out In 2010? Many many times. 😦
  12. Jump for joy Yes
  13. Do something to feed my soul at least once a week Again, not sure it’s weekly but I do try to do this more often
  14. Read more Newbery winners Yes, I have read more but still have a long way to go until I’ve read every one.
  15. Submit 5 short stories to try to get published No, I don’t write short stories anymore like I used to. I don’t need to do this one.
  16. Laugh every day I sure try. Most days I do.
  17. Live my truth It took me until 2011 to really start working on this one. It’s still amazing when I have little victories with it, but I’m doing much better than I was before.
  18. Eat more veggies Still need to work on this one. Fruits too.
  19. Trust in God’s plan for my life I’ve made some changes in my life with this one, but overall I trust that yes, there is a plan.
  20. Read the Bible more often NO. No longer a desire at. all.
  21. Put my laundry away each time Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
  22. Declutter… a LOT! Thanks to bedbugs in summer 2011 we have thrown out a LOT of stuff. I still need to declutter a LOT more.
  23. Do cartwheels in the grass I haven’t done a cartwheel in a long time. Add that to the list next to swings.
  24. Spend less money on things I don’t really need Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
  25. Visit the graves of all of my grandparents Ooh, there’s a good one I forgot about!
  26. Floss my teeth more Um… still need to do that.
  27. Say NO when it mattersI am definitely getting good at this one
  28. Say no when it doesn’t matter so much Haha, this too
  29. Watch Flash Forward and Glee Flash Forward ended and we never finished watching, but we do still watch Glee
  30. Trust my intuition I’m learning to tune in more, yes
  31. Make love to my husband – this might seem like an obvious one but with his back problems, which have had him hospitalized and on disability, it’s actually something I feel NEEDS to be on this list :-( Yes, but probably not in 2010.
  32. Hug my family every chance I get OF COURSE.
  33. Call my Mom at least every other day Not quite, but pretty much.
  34. Learn to read Tarot without books It’s a slow process, not at the top of my list, but I do like practicing.
  35. Rewatch 10 seasons of Friends DVDs No matter how many times I do this, I can always leave it on the To Do list.
  36. Take more photos of me and Mark Always need to do this, still don’t
  37. Be present in my life Always a goal
  38. Step out of my comfort zone. Rinse and repeat. I’ve been doing this more and more lately.
  39. Find more guided meditations for my ipod Yes!
  40. Sell something I’ve created on etsy I don’t know if I will use etsy, but I still want to sell things I create
  41. Write in a gratitude journal at least 4 days a week… 7 is better! I did this for awhile but find it’s far more important to do when I am feeling low than to do it all the time
  42. Win NaNoWriMo again I did in 2010, but not in 2011 because I got Lyme disease again
  43. Try at least one new recipe every month Ooh, another forgotten gem I should try more!
  44. Use Self-Coaching 101 to reframe my negative thoughts I should revisit this, though I think I’ve pretty much got the hang of it.
  45. Blog posts at least 5 times a week That’s ambitious! No, but I would like to try at least one post a week.
  46. End the year with at least $5,000 in a personal savings account Still a goal
  47. Buy Where the Wild Things Are on DVD Got it for my birthday
  48. Read one nonfiction book for adults Not sure, maybe did this?
  49. Read one fiction books for adults Probably not
  50. Reread The Secret Garden — one of my favorites from childhood Yes! Love it!
  51. Read The Westing Game  Yes, and it was wonderful!
  52. Visit Howard and Ava in Boston Did not do this, probably won’t ever
  53. Take Mark to Elmira Still want to
  54. Take walks on the OHS track with Mark Haven’t done this, not sure we will
  55. Organize all of our DVDs REALLY need to do this
  56. Open the blinds in the bedroom every day Gotta start doing that too, at least when I’m home all day
  57. Take more photos (sell on etsy?) Gotta get back into that too
  58. Save more than I spend (paying off debt counts!) Erm, working on it?
  59. Create a logo. Include a butterfly of my own design Yes, need to do this for my biz (which currently is VERY early in the thought stages)
  60. Eat alone at a sit-down restaurant Yes, I did this!
  61. Get to know Marsha better – my mother-in-law Ugh, don’t wanna anymore
  62. Frame our ketubah Not done yet
  63. Hang the artwork bought on the honeymoon cruise Done! ❤
  64. Sing karaoke at least once That’s on my list to do on the cruise we’re taking for my birthday
  65. Ace (99% or better) 4 songs on Band Hero, including American Pie I don’t know, he might have sold this back to GameStop
  66. See at least 2 movies in the theater Probably average about 2 or 3 a year
  67. Connect with my sister as adults Have done this some
  68. Discover the goddess in me DEFINITELY YES.
  69. Buy a new sundress.. or two Need to for the cruise
  70. Go to a rock concert I don’t know, maybe someday
  71. See Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel Yes, on DVD
  72. Design a tattoo… and maybe get it Still have to think about it. Perhaps my logo if my biz gets started and does well.
  73. Look for rainbows every time in rains Definitely!
  74. Invent another holiday On my list for this year, didn’t last time
  75. Make every Christmas gift I give this year Didn’t but it’s still a great idea
  76. Find more ways to bring my wisdom to others Yes, by being a Circle Guide and helping facilitate the courses there.
  77. Cultivate friendships via blogging Not really but I might when I start blogging more
  78. Try to write a song, even if it’s terrible On my list again this year, didn’t do it last time
  79. Draw. Draw people. And not stick people. No. I think I’m okay with photographing people and not drawing them.
  80. Stop being afraid of imperfection! Embrace it! YES! I am sure this will always be a struggle, but I’m getting better at it.
  81. Keep having a sunny disposition. Mostly, yes.
  82. Smile at strangers. Sometimes.
  83. Be more patient with people. *including myself* Sometimes, lol.
  84. Buy a bathing suit that looks good on me. Wear it to go swimming. — the second sentence might be the most important!!! Have to for my cruise this year, it’s a goal.
  85. Continue seeking good valid self-help techniques on blogs. Post about them w/links. Hopefully will get back to this as I get back to posting.
  86. Meet friends at the top of the Empire State Building – the day and time is almost here! Totally fell through… but we made the plans when we were 13, so it’s okay.
    Remind my friends and family why I love them. — yes. there is a bonus on the list, two #86′s!!! Can never do this enough.
  87. Be a rockstar every time I’m in the car alone. ALWAYS! So fun!
  88. Tell myself in the mirror, “I’m beautiful” and truly mean it. I’ve finally gotten to that point more and more lately.
  89. Don’t be afraid to DREAM BIG. I’m dreaming big, now to start planning how to make the dreams a reality.
  90. Believe in fairy tales. Always. Sometimes they take a while or come in hidden forms.
  91. Don’t ask why – ask why NOT! That’s a good one. Remind me this.
  92. Write poems more often than “almost never” Eh. I think it’s more important to write poetry because I want to and not because I feel I should.
  93. Bake cupcakes for no apparent reason Need to do that more.
  94. Practice random acts of kindness I try to
  95. Listen to upbeat music. Dance to it. Yes
  96. Dance to background music in stores, offices, etc. A little, but not enough. lol
  97. Do at least one new thing that will look good on my resume. Good one!
  98. Walk every aisle like it’s a catwalk. (Pretend I’m tall enough and young enough to be DISCOVERED!) Frequently.
  99. Party like it’s 2000 at my 10 year high school reunion! It was cancelled… and I’m totally okay with that.
  100. Complete projects… like I completed this list! Always working on it.