EVJ collage

I made this collage for a dear friend in February 2011, and so much has happened since then that it feels like it’s been much longer. There is a lot of personal meaning to this, which I’m not going to explain.

I started with blue Sharpie to color in the background. Then I added pictures and words, and a few jewels. I finished by adding a layer of glitter glue to the whole thing.

I meant to post this last year, but it got lost in the bottom of my e-mailbox and I finally got back to it. So much love went into this collage, and it was such a different experience for me to make something while thinking of someone else. I think that’s why I found it so easy to give this away, but usually the thought of giving away my art is impossible — what I create is so much ME that it’s like giving away a piece of myself. Maybe the secret to selling art that I create is to think about the person who will one day own the piece…

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