#creativebeing prompt of the week: Air

This is the worst pain that she has ever felt, but she knows what to do. She breathes in and out, rhythmically. She focuses all of her attention on her breathing. When the doctor says to push, she takes one deep breath, then pushes. She tries not to clench her teeth, instead letting out a primal scream. Then she relaxes and focuses on her breath again.

She was always aware of the air with him. A first date on a sail boat, letting the cool breeze steer. A first kiss that took her breath away. Feeling light as air with the first I love yous. A whispered proposal. Her parents called it a whirlwind romance. Then of course came the heavy breathing and quickening pulse, which led to this hospital visit nine months later.

One last push, and she waits to hear the baby cry. Her child’s first breath. The doctor lays her daughter on her chest. This is the best pain she has ever felt.


This post is my contribution to the #creativebeing prompt of the week. It is a work of fiction and therefore is not autobiographical. The prompt is as follows:

Continuing with the elements, this week we represent the element of AIR.  Of course, we know now that air is made of up lots of elements, around 12 at least, which all combine to keep life going on earth. The word ‘inspiration’ actually comes from the Latin inspīrāre  – to breathe on or into.  In Yogic teaching the breath carries prāṇa, the life force.

sit down, close your eyes, take a nice deep breath.  Feel the air going into you and think about the traditional element of air, the life giver, the inspirer, bringing in the new and releasing the old.