#creativebeing prompt of the week: Fire

I’ve always liked fire. Heat. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and it’s a fire sign. I love making campfires and eating s’mores as I watch the smoke dance in the air. I love lighting candles and writing. I love sitting by a fire when it’s cold outside, and I love the feel of the sun’s fiery rays on my skin in the summer, flirting with Apollo and daring him to burn my flesh. Fire is inspirational. It is alive and free and dangerous. It is safe if  it is contained, but also needs oxygen and space so it doesn’t burn out. Fire creates and destroys. It can represent passion or revulsion. A one element contradiction. Fire can melt ice and burn wood. It can warm a house or take down an entire forest. You can enjoy fire, but you have to respect it.


This post is my contribution to the #creativebeing prompt of the week. The prompt is as follows:

This week, we continue the elemental theme with the prompt FIRE.