#NaNoWarmUp October 13, 2013: Johnny

Sure, I’d love to answer a few questions for the school paper.

Well, I’m actually the newest member of the band. Jake and Milo are cousins, and they’ve known Hay for years. I just met them through a message board posting online. It’s a board for our favorite band, and I’ve been talking to Hay for a couple months now. At first he said it was cool that I was also in Manhattan, and then he mentioned that he and his friends were looking for a bass player. I mentioned that I play and we decided to meet up. I hoped he was flirting but he wasn’t, but I still wanted to play for the guys because they all seemed cool and I think being in a band will look good on college apps. That was about a month ago, they had me come down to Milo’s dad’s pizza shop with my bass. First I played a little bit, then the guys joined in one by one. It was kind of dramatic, like a movie. I love movies, especially rom coms. Jake said he liked my look, but he doesn’t want me to think of myself as the “token black guy.” Whatever – when you’ve got a good afro, you get used to comments like that. Besides, Jake is not the kind of guy that makes offensive comments. He’s just a really sweet, honest guy, and if it takes being the token black guy to be in a band with him, that’s fine with me.

Ha ha ha, yes, you heard that right. I am out and proud, and if any of your readers are interested and look like Josh Hutcherson, tell them to give me a call. I would eat nightlock for that boy any day… You know, what every girl in New York is looking for — hot, good heart, funny, charming… and not hiding in the closet. I have spent enough time in there myself, and I am ready to hit the scene with someone who isn’t ashamed to be himself.

Honey, I am all fashion all the way. I want to be a stylist to the stars, and I won’t stop until I get there. If I have to start out as a costume designer I will, as long as it means getting my foot in the door in Hollywood… especially if said foot is wearing Christian Louboutin. I am beginning my career as a stylist to the high school prom queen wannabes, and while it doesn’t pay I am counting this towards the dues I must pay for my dream career. I do get to take digital photos of the girls I dress for prom, and I am already working on my portfolio for Parsons.

I know, right? It seems like such a bizarre mix, fashion and rock music, but name me one legendary band whose image isn’t critical to their success. Do you think Kiss would have been as big a sensation if it wasn’t for the makeup? I don’t think so. Jake, Milo, and Hay called the band Computer Anarchy — a name like that needs a great look. I’m making it my job to help them create that look. Those photos will go in my portfolio too.

What do I think of the guys? Well, I already gave you my opinion on Jake. Milo is a lot smarter than he acts. I think if he actually tried at school he could be a rocket scientist, but for some reason he just gets by. Maybe he thinks the other guys would tease him? He knows more about technology than Bill Gates, I’m sure of that. Hay is a jokester. I know you’re expecting me to say that it’s just a front, and that he’s really damaged inside, but I don’t think he is. He’s another good guy, they all are.

Ha ha, the scoop. That’s funny. Actually, none of us are dating at the moment. Although, with any luck, Computer Anarchy could be the ticket to our schedules filling up. I mean, maybe not the rest of us, but Jake Weiland will be off the market in less than six months, I promise you that. Probably a lot less. Lead singer and guitar player in his own band, son of a Senator? If he wasn’t straight I would be all over him. Ha ha ha, no really.

Me? I’m exactly what you see. Two parts sweet, one part sass, and a huge serving of style. Maybe I don’t see myself going the distance in this band, but I don’t mind if they replace me when I’m off to fashion school. Lots of bands didn’t get famous by keeping all of their original band members, and some changed members when they were famous without anyone noticing. Eric Stefani ring a bell? No? Nobody remembers him, but we love the hell out of his sister Gwen.

This is an exercise written as part of NaNoWarmUp, a personal writing challenge in October to write 25,000 words as preparation for writing 50,000 words in November. This year I’m using the daily writing goal of 800 words to write ABOUT my Cassandra story from the point of view of other characters. In November, I hope to be prepared to start writing a new first draft of Cursed from Cassandra’s point of view, a more complete story after figuring out how other characters perceive Cassandra, her prophecies, and the Trojan War.