Gender predictions

I have had several dreams in the past that had my future child, and it has always been a girl. The other night, I finally had my first such dream while pregnant. Instead of being a child, this time it was my newborn baby, no more than a month old. My baby was crying, waking up from a nap. I went to pick up my baby and it was a beautiful little girl, with a pink blanket. So my intuition (wishful thinking?) is still pointing to GIRL.

The Chinese gender prediction chart says I will have a boy, and it was accurate for all three of my mother’s children. I have a Magic 8 Ball app on my tablet, and one night I asked it if I will have a baby girl and the answer was no, and then it answered yes to a boy. The same thing happened a few weeks later when I asked the same thing. Putting the data into from the first ultrasound, that website predicts a girl.

I know we are a few months away from the ultrasound that will tell us for sure, but it’s fun to try different prediction methods to see what they say.