100 Things To Do in 2016

I’m working through my 2016 Create Your Shining Year Workbook and there is a section to list 100 things to do in 2016. I did this in 2012 (and posted my list), but I didn’t actually get very far. In fact, after saying I would come back and mark the items I completed, I never did. The main reason is that I approached the list the wrong way. I had some lofty goals, but a lot of them were hard to track, such as “take photos of street signs I love” – how do I quantify that? How do I know when I’m “done” and can check it off my list? Do I have to take photos of 3 street signs I love? 45? And what if I don’t see that many street signs I love in a year? So I ended up not doing that at all, and gave up on most of the rest too. And then refused to even write another list in following years, because why bother when I never finished the 2012 list?

This year, I’ve decided to start with the old list. I removed things I have done, things I no longer want to do, and things that were too vague. I changed a few to make them more achievable. I left a few things that still seem impossible, like getting a car. Then, it was time to add to my list. Hopefully this year I will be able to accomplish almost everything!

  1. end year with no credit card debt
  2. get a car
  3. sell a painting or collage
  4. read Women Who Run With The Wolves – don’t take notes
  5. win another NaNoWriMo
  6. do a new Carle-esque artwork
  7. do morning pages for 30 straight days
  8. take a sabbath day – no computer
  9. do karaoke
  10. read an autobiography NOT written for children
  11. get a pedicure
  12. read the 2016 Newbery award winner
  13. end the year with $3000 in my savings account
  14. paint something big
  15. do the Goddess Haven ecourse
  16. do a jigsaw puzzle
  17. plant a seed
  18. laugh until it hurts
  19. take a 4+ hour drive
  20. write a poem
  21. take a bubble bath
  22. paint a self-portrait
  23. learn how to make Mom’s candy cane cookies
  24. set a timer and do 20 minutes of silent meditation
  25. do a faerie painting similar to my mermaid
  26. create a signature dessert using creme de menthe
  27. attend a flea market
  28. throw a dinner party
  29. design and create an outfit for myself. wear it.
  30. apply for Wheel of Fortune again
  31. create a mandala
  32. do a Tarot/Oracle card reading for someone other than myself
  33. take a photowalk
  34. celebrate a little milestone with homemade brownies… with a birthday candle in it
  35. make a list of the 5 most inspirational books I’ve ever read…
  36. …and make someone read one
  37. make artwork about Mark and give it to him
  38. start Charlotte’s collage
  39. paint pretty colors on a real live tree
  40. get a Bedazzler, use it, and *wear* my new stuff in public
  41. get a massage
  42. create my own ice cream flavor
  43. celebrate Pink and Black Day
  44. create another holiday
  45. go on a walk with Mark
  46. don’t wait until Halloween to figure out a rockin’ costume
  47. try to write a song
  48. write a 5 minute stand-up comedy routine so I will be prepared should the opportunity ever arise
  49. bake a cake from scratch
  50. listen to a chakra meditation
  51. edit and print High School Soap Opera
  52. write and illustrate a picture book
  53. teach Charlotte how to sing and sign a song
  54. take on The 52 Lists Project
  55. take a solo train ride that is NOT for my work commute
  56. take Charlotte to a beach
  57. send a handwritten letter
  58. play Scrabble with Dad
  59. play cards with Mom
  60. send someone flowers for no reason
  61. see a play
  62. make s’mores over a campfire
  63. go on a date with Mark for Valentine’s Day; hire a baby-sitter
  64. create a sacred space in my home
  65. get cupcakes from Flour and Sun Bakery for my birthday
  66. read Eat, Pray, Love, then watch the movie
  67. throw Charlotte a 2nd birthday party
  68. have a Girls’ Day with Z and Charlotte
  69. try a new recipe
  70. go on the swings with Charlotte
  71. visit Canada
  72. spend an afternoon in AC Moore and don’t spend any money
  73. take Charlotte to her first Mets game
  74. take Charlotte to a Renegades game
  75. watch a movie in the theater
  76. ride a roller coaster or ferris wheel
  77. go swimming with Charlotte
  78. take Charlotte to the Bronx Zoo
  79. watch the sun rise and set on the same day
  80. go to an antique store
  81. get my typewriter fixed
  82. go to a museum
  83. have a Hunger Games marathon
  84. take Charlotte outside in the grass on a sunny day for some grounding
  85. get reiki
  86. get a Tarot reading for my birthday again
  87. get new sheets
  88. get Charlotte ice cream from an ice cream truck
  89. make my own soap with essential oils
  90. take Charlotte on a picnic at Bowdoin Park
  91. make a pressed-flower bookmark
  92. take Charlotte to Boscobel to see the gardens
  93. find a place for Charlotte to feed the ducks
  94. go see the ocean
  95. take Charlotte to the Dutchess County Balloon Festival (July-ish)
  96. go to the Mid-Hudson Valley Gem & Mineral Show (September-ish)
  97. finish the skirt I started sewing years ago (get a new little sewing machine?)
  98. finish watching every episode of ER
  99. create art with Charlotte
  100. create and abandon one piece of art every month

*Items crossed out have been completed.

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