100 Things update 1

Last month I posted my list of 100 Things to Do in 2016, and I’ve been crossing off items as I do them. But I want to keep track of what I’m doing too, not just the fact that they’ve been checked off. Every few weeks I plan on doing an update like this so I can elaborate a little bit.

1/100 – Thing 45 – Go on a walk with Mark, 1/2/16
We walked around the huge mall in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania for about an hour and a half. We had Charlotte with us in her stroller, and we didn’t stop in many stores. It was our last day, having gone out December 27 so he could have surgery on his neck at the Laser Spine Institute (an organization we HIGHLY recommend). His surgery was on December 30, and he was supposed to do some walking as part of his recovery.

2/100 – Thing 50 – Listen to a chakra meditation, 1/3/16
I like to listen to meditations as I’m winding down for bedtime. I listened to the free one I linked to in my previous post. It was okay, but I like Gina Rafkind’s Chakra Rainbows meditation better.

3/100 – Thing 54 – Take on the 52 Lists Project, 1/5/16
I decided that “take on” means to attempt/start and not to complete, so I checked this off my list once I had started making the list for Week 1. “List your goals and dreams for this year” was easy, after filling in my 2016 Shining Year workbook from Leonie Dawson.

4/100 – Thing 31 – Create a mandala, 1/5/16
I used Photoshop to create a mandala coloring page. I used a tutorial I found online to get the foundation, then had fun playing around. I worked on one section, which I then copied onto new layers and rotated to fill in the rest of the circle. If you haven’t seen it, check out my post about it and you can download it!

5/100 – Thing 64 – Create a sacred space in my home, 1/7/16
I have been collecting things for years, and I used to have a sacred space but at some point I took it down and never got around to redoing it. So I finally did a new sacred space on my desk. I threw out a stereo I had since college but hadn’t used in years because the CD player broke, and now I have my sacred space there. My favorite part of this space is that I have elemental guardians – gnome from Connemara Marble in Ireland (earth), butterfly fairy Strangeling (air), dragon from TY (fire), and a mermaid from a dollar store (water).

sacred space jan 2016

6/100 – Thing 87 – Get new sheets, 1/10/16
Since it says GET and not BUY, I’m counting it complete because Mark ordered sheets from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

7/100 – Thing 16 – Do a jigsaw puzzle, 1/11/16
I have a puzzle that is an ice cream cone and part of the box had ripped, so I wasn’t sure if I had all the pieces… turns out I do. Of course, instead of counting 500 the true way to make sure all the pieces are there is to DO the puzzle.

In addition to these completed Things, I have a few I’m working on. Hopefully I’ll be posting another update by the end of the month.

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