100 Things update 2

If you haven’t seen it, check out my list of 100 Things to Do in 2016. Previously posted: update 1. It only took 3 weeks to do 13 of my Things. At this rate I would do 225 Things in one year. Haha. I’m trying to pad my count at the beginning of the year because I know there are harder things that will take more time and/or effort to do.

8/100 – Thing 35 – Make a list of the 5 most inspirational books I’ve ever read…, 1/13/16
I posted my list last week, and I encourage you to go check it out for my reasons/mini reviews. They are, in random order: Girl Seeks Bliss: Zen and the Art of Modern Life Maintenance by Nicole Beland; The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron; Ish by Peter H. Reynolds; Dangerous Angels by Francesca Lia Block; No Plot? No Problem! by Chris Baty

9/100 – Thing 98 – Finish watching every episode of ER, 1/16/16
I started this over two years ago, probably closer to three or three and a half years ago. I saw a few episodes here and there while it was airing, and in college everyone seemed to be watching so I saw almost every episode for a year or two. There are 331 episodes total in 15 seasons, and I work full time and had a baby, so of course it took me a few years. It’s such a good show, and I cried when it ended. I saw online that the last episode has several nods to the pilot, so I rewatched that before I watch the ending. It was amazing to see just how far the show had come, and how different the sets and characters were. Even the way they used music to set the tone in the early years was different than in the end, more apparent. By the end the music was a lot less intrusive, and I hardly noticed it. I’m not sure what my next TV binge-watch will be, but it’s going to be either Hercules/Xena/Young Hercules, or it will be Buffy/Angel. They are both HUGE undertakings, so I know whatever show I don’t pick will have to wait a few years though.

10/100 – Thing 12 – Read the 2016 Newbery award winner, 1/16/16
I was very surprised to see that a picture book won the Newbery Award, the first time that has happened. I have to say, I was not impressed with winner Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Peña. It was okay, but nothing spectacular, and I don’t understand why it was chosen. I don’t mean that a picture book can never win, just that I disagree that this particular book is worthy. Then again, I have decided to give up on the goal I set for myself a decade ago to read every Newbery winner. If I haven’t read it by now, I’m probably not going to. There are a lot of winners I’m not remotely interested in reading, and a couple that I have read that I disliked and would have gladly given up on if I didn’t have this silly challenge that I was trying to do. But when I wrote my list of 100 Things last month, I hadn’t given up yet, hence I wanted to read the new winner.

11/100 – Thing 57 – Send a handwritten letter, 1/18/16
Not only did I send a handwritten letter to my best friend, but I enclosed scribbles that my 16 month old daughter colored for her. We talk and text a lot, but it felt really good to write out my thoughts with a pen and paper. I always forget how good writing by hand feels.

12/100 – Thing 60 – Send someone flowers for no reason, 1/20/16
I ordered flowers for a friend of mine “just because.” They were delivered today (1/22) a couple hours ago, but she hasn’t been home to see them yet. I’m still counting it as done and hope to be able to update this with a photo soon.

13/100 – Thing 36 – …and make someone read one [of my 5 most inspirational books], 1/21/16
I sent my sister the Kindle version of ish by Peter H. Reynolds, which is a short little picture book. While I hope my list will inspire people to read the other books too, I figured this was an easy way to check something off my list.