100 Things, 2017: May/June Update

I fell off the wagon a little and missed my update post in May, which bums me out because I don’t have a post for the month and that means that I can’t accomplish my Thing #97, to write at least one blog post every month. But that’s okay, I haven’t done a lot of Things on my list the past two months anyway, so this is a short combined update. I am really slacking lately. I’m at 33 Things done when I should be a lot closer to 50. Hopefully my July update will be more exciting!

30/100 – Thing 77 – read Jane Eyre, May Something
I started listening to the free librivox recording read by Elizabeth Klett and following along on my Kindle in March, and finished in May. It was long, and my attention wavered from time to time, but overall I think I liked the story. Although I couldn’t understand why Jane liked Rochester so much, he’s so arrogant.

31/100 – Thing 39 – see a play, 5/21/17
My mother-in-law got tickets for my husband and me to see Mamma Mia at a local dinner theater as a birthday present for him. We saw it on Broadway (he has seen it many times on Broadway and in Vegas), so this was my second time seeing the show. I like it, but not the kind of thing I’d watch a lot.

32/100 – Thing 23 – go on a take a bubble bath, June Something
I’m not sure if there were bubbles, per se, but I did take a bath with bath salts. I had a relaxing lavender candle lit (lights off), lavender-scented bath salts, and my Kindle. It was not super long, but it was lovely. I’m working on redefining “bath” for myself, because I tend to think it’s not a “real” bath if I lay down and my whole body isn’t covered with water… which is preposterous, and I’m working on it.

33/100 – Thing 53 – go swimming with Charlotte, 6/11/17
We’re limiting our time in the pool, and the sun in general, because I always manage to get burned even when I wear sunscreen, and my sister is getting married in July. So we have only gone in the pool once so far, which is sad. But it’s still the beginning of summer, and we have lots of time after the wedding to swim and become lobsters. 🙂


Other Things I’ve started: Take Charlotte to a Renegades game (Thing 50) – I have tickets to a game in August.

Things Done Each Month:
January – 8
February – 10
March – 6
April – 5
May – 2
June – 2

If you click on the progress bar in the right side of the page, you can see the complete updated list, even before my monthly update posts at the end of the month.