100 Things, 2017: July/August Update

34/100 – Thing 15 – get a manicure, 7/7/17
35/100 – Thing 16 – get a pedicure, 7/7/17
My sister got married July 8th, so the day before I went for manicures and pedicures with her and Mom. I went with hot pink polish, which is my usual color.

36/100 – Thing 47 – visit Canada, 7/7/17
I’m going to be creative like I was last year and count this as “done” even though it’s not traveling there as I had hoped. Much of my Dad’s family lives in Canada, and many came to my sister’s wedding. The night before, we had a big dinner out with the Canadians who were in town.

37/100 – Thing 81 – Do a random act of kindness, 7/15/17
I know this is a little thing, but I am checking it off anyway. I was buying a snack at a gas station and left my change in the “Leave a Penny, Take a Penny.”

38/100 – Thing 82 – Order room service, 7/20/17
My husband had surgery this morning, so we ordered up dinner in our hotel room instead of going out that night. The order was not right, and he had to call to have them correct it. The woman who was doing the room service that night was so nice about it, even when we told her she had still forgotten a dressing, and she even let us request a dessert on her.

39/100 – Thing 78 – read the Eve Marie Mont Unbound trilogy (A Breath of Eyre, A Touch of Scarlet, and A Phantom Enchantment), finished 7/26/17
I LOVED this trilogy! My favorite part is that the author didn’t stick with the “character stuck in a book” trope for each book. Instead, while big chunks of the first book were Emma as Jane Eyre, the second book had a lot less time spent in The Scarlet Letter, and the third had some similarity to Phantom of the Opera but Emma retained her identity the entire time. The end of the third book was a shock, not what I was expecting at all but I actually really liked it.

40/100 – Thing 34 – don’t wait until Halloween to figure out a rockin’ costume, 7/31/17
I’m going to count this as done, even though it was hardly rockin’ – for my Halloween in July program at the library, I dressed up as a ballerina. It was a blouse and skirt I wear often, ballet flats, and put my hair in a bun.

41/100 – Thing 100 – Buy something for a total stranger off their wishlist/registry, 8/12/17
Again, maybe I’m being a bit generous by granting myself this one, but that’s okay. It’s not like anyone can judge me for it but me, and I’m okay with it. I bought two items from the registry of a second cousin’s registry for the baby shower for his ____ (wife? girlfriend?) – see? I don’t even know who she is, this definitely counts as buying something for a stranger.

42/100 – Thing 50 – Take Charlotte to a Renegades game, 8/13/17
I took Charlotte to the Princess Party game. She didn’t really appreciate the princess party (maybe it would have been better had Ariel or Rapunzel been there), but she had fun the rest of the night. And our team won the game, yay!


Other Things I’ve started: I started to read Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh (Thing 70) and after 21%, I’ve marked it abandoned because I just can’t get into it. Do Morning Pages for 60 straight days (Thing 14) – I tried earlier this year and missed a day after 45 or so days in a row, which was so frustrating that I had to give up for a while. I started again on August 15, so Day 60 if I keep up with it will be October 13.

Things Done Each Month:
January – 8
February – 10
March – 6
April – 5
May – 2
June – 2
July – 7
August – 2

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