100 Things, 2017: December Update

I slacked off with my posting and updates, and I slacked off on the “doing Things” part of it too. I’m not gonna do a complete update, but I did check off things on my official list in my 2017 My Shining Year workbook. Saturday night, December 30, and I’m at 49/100 done. I’m bummed because I wanted to beat last year, which was 58/100. So my goal for the next 26 hours is to do as many Things as I can…. which is just 5 more. The videos (#7-#9) will be easy. I can also write a poem (#22), and do 20 minutes of silent meditation (#24). So that will bring me up to 54 – it’s more than half, and only 4 less than 2016. I can settle for that.

Another goal for the next 26 hours is to write my list of 100 Things to Do in 2018, and to work on other activities from the 2018 My Shining Year workbook. (Actually, I think I’m gonna backtrack to the first year, which was 2010 and I still have the ebook on my computer.) I’m going to write things from the ebook into a notebook that I can color and doodle and write in throughout the year.


If you click on the progress bar in the right side of the page, you can see the complete updated list.