Comparing NaNo 2007 to 2008

Following Jessica‘s lead, I’m posting my chart comparing this year’s word count each day to last year.
Why it’s so different?

  • Last year’s novel followed the quest archetype, which meant I had a bit of a built-in outline, but this year I started with a very basic concept with few plot points.
  • Last year I worked part time, about 6 hours a week being average. This year I am working full-time (yay!) and therefore had a lot less free time in my day (boo!).
  • Last year I got engaged November 17 and just wanted to finish as soon as possible. This year I’m living with my fiance and have to juggle my free time with when he’s home (I find it a lot easier to write when I’m alone).
  • Last year I met with Aimee (Poughkeepsie area ML) Tuesdays in addition to write-ins every Sunday. We had a lot of great back-and-forth convos about our novels. This year I went to the Poughkeepsie kick-off party, one write-in down in Westchester, and a couple IM convos with Aimee (and one with my cousin’s daughter) and that’s it.


Ashley was loverly and stayed longer at work (unpaid, not working) just so she could see when I won. And I did it! 50,005 words total. There will be much merriment later, probably including wine.

Now it’s time to work on updating my nano badge in the sidebar here.


No song because I am at work, but I will listen to lots of songs later.

I have overtaken Mark’s word count (48,156) which I didn’t realize until I was updating my NaNo profile with the exact same number. Then I wrote a few more to get ahead.

Ignoring those who have passed 50k, the only person on my NaNo friend list left to surpass is at 49,862. So I may as well just shoot for the win now.

1704 to go and counting!!!