My NaNoWriMo Novels

2007: Quest for Serentasia (QfS); 50001 words

2008: Swimming in the Garden (SiG); 50005 words

2009: started The Story of Disco World (TSoDW), started The Ultimate Rewind; grand total: 17,255 words

2010: added 50k to The Ultimate Rewind, which I retitled Cursed; 50000 words

2011: started a sequel to QfS, gave up November 3 due to Lyme Disease; 3383 words

2012: added 50k to the 3k-ish I wrote on the sequel to QfS and titled it Return to Serentasia (RtS); 50000 words

2013: started Escape from Candy Land, High School Soap Opera (HSSO); 50522

2014: had a baby September 23, stopped on November 7 because she was so cute I just wanted to stare at her all day; 4204 words

2015: High School Comic Book (HSCB), companion novel to HSSO; 50005 words

2016: started a fanfiction about Chrono Trigger which I called Marle’s Adventures (8523 words); gave up and started over November 9 with Deadly Games (22657 words), which would be the sequel to HSSO; gave up again and started over November 20 with HeartSlashName (20004 words) which is a completed novella; grand total: 51174 words

2017: Saving Serentasia (SS), rewrite of QfS; 61284 words

2018: Peppermint Bark (PB); kind of a book version of a Hallmark Christmas movie; 50402 words

2019: Confessions of a True Survivor (CTS), my 10th win; idea started as kind of an alternate universe version of The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, set in modern times as a reality show; 51,646 words

2020: Dead Friends and Bowling Trophies (DFBT); I like the title, but the pandemic was too much in my head to focus; 12,107

2021: Gingerbread Man (GM), along the lines of PB but definitely a stand-alone title

2022: Untangling the Strands of Time: A Chrono Trigger fanfic (UST). A fanfic based on characters in the Chrono Trigger universe (best video game ever), told from Marle’s perspective; 50,000 words. When Marle’s life is turned upside down while she is in another era, she returns to find that she is the only one who remembers how life “should” be. She tries to find the person changing the future by traveling to the past, but every time she returns to her present things are increasingly worse than before.

*Years that are bold are the ones when I won. Find me on the NaNoWriMo site as butterflyprism.