My NaNoWriMo Novels

2007: Quest for Serentasia (QfS)

2008: Swimming in the Garden (SiG)

2009: started The Story of Disco World (TSoDW or TSoD), started The Ultimate Rewind, ultimately finished the month with about 13k combined words

2010: added 50k to The Ultimate Rewind, which I retitled Cursed

2011: started a sequel to QfS, gave up November 3 due to Lyme Disease

2012: added 50k to the 3k-ish I wrote on the sequel to QfS and titled it Return to Serentasia (RtS)

2013: started Escape from Candy Land, High School Soap Opera (HSSO)

2014: had a baby September 23, stopped on November 7 because she was so cute I just wanted to stare at her all day

2015: High School Comic Book (HSCB)

2016: started a fanfiction about Chrono Trigger which I called Marle’s Adventures (8523 words), gave up and started over November 9 with Deadly Games (DG), the sequel to HSSO

*Years that are bold are the ones when I won. Years that are not bold, I fell short.