52 Lists, 2016

This year I took on the 52 Lists project. For more than 8 months I wrote my lists almost every week, although occasionally I missed one and did it the following week. By the end of the year I had missed a LOT and had to play catch up. Here are my lists. They are not complete. I could probably add to them forever. But here’s my snapshot in time for 2016 in list form.

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100 Things To Do in 2017

I did 58 Things on my list of 100 Things To Do in 2016, which is much better than I did in 2012. Now that I have my 2017 Create Your Shining Year Workbook it’s time to make a new list for next year. I thought my 2016 was a lot better than the 2012 list, but I learned through this year that there is still work to be done in order to create a more perfect union list. This time, while many goals were more concrete than before, there were some that were still too lofty – and others that were too impossible.

This year, I started with the videos on Leonie Dawson’s list of 10 TED spiritual talks that will change your life. Then I used my 2016 list – I removed some things I have done (or no longer want to do), and left some I want to do again. Then I added a bunch of fun new things to fill up the list. As always, I will come back to update this post throughout the year, and I’ll be updating the progress bar on the right side of my site. And now without further ado, here is my list of 100 Things To Do in 2017.

  1. watch “Hans Rosling – The magic washing machine”
  2. watch “Elizabeth Gilbert – Your elusive creative genius”
  3. watch “Amanda Palmer – The art of asking”
  4. watch “Diana Nyad – Never, ever give up”
  5. watch “Brené Brown – The power of vulnerability”
  6. watch “Richard St. John – Success is a continuous journey”
  7. watch “J.K. Rowling Speaks at Harvard Commencement”
  8. watch “Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address”
  9. watch “Conan O’Brien’s 2011 Dartmouth College Commencement Address”
  10. watch “Sheryl Sandberg: Why we have too few women leaders”
  11. end year with no credit card debt
  12. buy a car
  13. win NaNoWriMo
  14. do Morning Pages for 60 straight days
  15. get a manicure
  16. get a pedicure
  17. read the 2017 Newbery award winner
  18. do the Goddess Haven ecourse
  19. do a jigsaw puzzle
  20. plant a seed
  21. laugh genuinely and hysterically
  22. write a poem
  23. take a bubble bath
  24. do 20 minutes of silent meditation
  25. do a faerie painting similar to my mermaid
  26. attend a flea market
  27. throw a dinner party
  28. do a Tarot/Oracle card reading for someone other than myself
  29. take a photowalk
  30. get a Bedazzler and use it
  31. get a massage
  32. celebrate Pink and Black Day
  33. go on a walk with Mark
  34. don’t wait until Halloween to figure out a rockin’ costume
  35. bake a cake from scratch
  36. teach Charlotte how to sing and sign a song
  37. take a solo train ride that is NOT for my work commute
  38. take Charlotte to a beach
  39. see a play
  40. make s’mores over a campfire
  41. go on a date with Mark for Valentine’s Day; hire a baby-sitter
  42. get cupcakes from Flour and Sun Bakery for my birthday
  43. throw Charlotte a 3rd birthday party
  44. have a Girls’ Day with Z and Charlotte
  45. try a new recipe
  46. go on the swings with Charlotte
  47. visit Canada
  48. spend an afternoon in AC Moore and don’t spend any money
  49. take Charlotte to her first Mets game
  50. take Charlotte to a Renegades game
  51. watch a movie in the theater
  52. ride a roller coaster or ferris wheel
  53. go swimming with Charlotte
  54. take Charlotte to the Bronx Zoo
  55. get my typewriter fixed
  56. go to a museum
  57. take Charlotte outside in the grass on a sunny day for some grounding
  58. get reiki
  59. get a Tarot reading for my birthday
  60. get Charlotte ice cream from an ice cream truck
  61. make my own soap
  62. take Charlotte on a picnic at Bowdoin Park
  63. take Charlotte to Boscobel to see the gardens
  64. go see the ocean
  65. take Charlotte to the Dutchess County Balloon Festival (July-ish)
  66. go to the Mid-Hudson Valley Gem & Mineral Show (September-ish)
  67. get a sewing machine and make something with it
  68. create art with Charlotte
  69. read Essentialism by Greg McKeown
  70. read Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
  71. reread Girl Seeks Bliss by Nicole Beland
  72. read Everyday Zen by Charlotte J. Beck
  73. read Goddesses in Everywoman by Jean Shinoda Bolen
  74. read The Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd
  75. read The Way of the Happy Woman by Sara Avant Stover
  76. read The Book of SHE by Sara Avant Stover
  77. read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë
  78. read the Eve Marie Mont Unbound trilogy (A Breath of Eyre, A Touch of Scarlet, and A Phantom Enchantment)
  79. read the Lauren Oliver Delirium trilogy (Delirium, Pandemonium, Requiem)
  80. spend a day at a spa
  81. do a random act of kindness
  82. order room service
  83. go ice skating OR roller skating
  84. get a hair cut
  85. go to a comedy show
  86. bake cookies
  87. bake apple pie with Charlotte
  88. shoot a bow and arrow
  89. go on a hayride
  90. wish on a star
  91. climb a rock wall
  92. toss a coin into a fountain and make a wish
  93. go to the chiropractor
  94. dress up fancy to go somewhere not fancy
  95. donate blood
  96. send a care package
  97. write at least one blog post every month (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec)
  98. take a CPR and/or First Aid class
  99. go bowling
  100. buy something for a total stranger off their wishlist/registry

*Items crossed out have been completed. Items italicized have been missed (if dated) or given up on.

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100 Things update 3

If you haven’t seen it, check out my list of 100 Things to Do in 2016. Previously posted: updates 1 and 2. It’s been a while since I’ve done some of these Things, so I will do my best with these notes. In the future I should just start a draft and comment as I go.

14/100 – Thing 10 – Read an autobiography not written for children, completed 2/4/16
I read Sounds Like Me: My Life (So Far) In Music by Sara Bareilles. I think I got this via NetGalley within a month or two before it was officially released, but hadn’t read it yet. I really like Sara’s music, and I enjoyed her autobiography immensely. The chapters are titled with songs that she wrote and/or released at the time the events in the chapter took place, so I made a playlist with those songs and listened to each before reading the chapter. It’s a great playlist itself, with some of her hit songs but also quite a few that were new to me. Highly recommended.

15/100 – Thing 42 – Create my own ice cream flavor, 2/7/16
I started with frozen raspberries and additions include chocolate syrup and white chocolate chips and crushed candy cane. I only had milk so the consistency was terrible, but the taste was pretty good. Next time I want to try using heavy cream and see if it ends up more like ice cream.

16/100 – Thing 69 – Try a new recipe, 2/16/16
I made a delicious Irish Chocolate Mint Dessert, which is almost identical to my mom’s famous Fudge Mint Petit Fours that she makes around the holidays but with mint extract and green food color instead of creme de menthe. The recipe is from a mail-order subscription I used to have called Easy to Bake, Easy to Make. YUMMY! It’s a chocolate cake-y layer, then a layers of what is essentially a green minty buttercream, and then a layer of chocolate chips melted with butter that hardens.


17/100 – Thing 18 – Laugh until it hurts, 2/20/16
Okay, so it didn’t hurt, but I did cry from laughing so hard so I am counting it done. This video is absolutely hilarious:

18/100 – Thing 47 – Try to write a song, 2/24/16
Okay, so this was actually not as hard as I anticipated because (1) I decided to go with a REALLY short song instead of a full-length one, and (2) I found two websites that made it really easy! I created the music on Hookpad. I couldn’t export or download anything, so then I found another site, flat.io, where I could copy everything to, and then download my song as sheet music and as an mp3. The lyrics are: “Writing a song is hard. / I don’t know why… / I have written a song!” I wasn’t thinking of not posting it, but what the heck, I’m sharing everything else here. Here’s my “masterpiece” — don’t judge me. It’s pretty terrible.

Things I am working on:

  • Thing 4 – read Women Who Run With The Wolves – don’t take notes (I actually stumbled across a book club online started by a friend of mine, and when I found it they were going to be starting the next day. kismet!)
  • Thing 7 – do morning pages for 30 straight days (I have done 20 days in a row as of today, woo hoo!)
  • Thing 23 – learn how to make Mom’s candy cane cookies (I got the recipe from her, but I haven’t made them yet)
  • Thing 43 – celebrate Pink and Black Day (It’s March 25, and this is a holiday I created in college. Official colors are pink and black with silver as an honorary color. Really easy to celebrate: wear pink and black. And maybe silver. I’m working on it because it’s March now, so I need to figure out what I’m going to wear to celebrate the holiday.)
  • Thing 100 – create and abandon one piece of art every month (I have done this for January and February!)

100 Things update 2

If you haven’t seen it, check out my list of 100 Things to Do in 2016. Previously posted: update 1. It only took 3 weeks to do 13 of my Things. At this rate I would do 225 Things in one year. Haha. I’m trying to pad my count at the beginning of the year because I know there are harder things that will take more time and/or effort to do.

8/100 – Thing 35 – Make a list of the 5 most inspirational books I’ve ever read…, 1/13/16
I posted my list last week, and I encourage you to go check it out for my reasons/mini reviews. They are, in random order: Girl Seeks Bliss: Zen and the Art of Modern Life Maintenance by Nicole Beland; The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron; Ish by Peter H. Reynolds; Dangerous Angels by Francesca Lia Block; No Plot? No Problem! by Chris Baty

9/100 – Thing 98 – Finish watching every episode of ER, 1/16/16
I started this over two years ago, probably closer to three or three and a half years ago. I saw a few episodes here and there while it was airing, and in college everyone seemed to be watching so I saw almost every episode for a year or two. There are 331 episodes total in 15 seasons, and I work full time and had a baby, so of course it took me a few years. It’s such a good show, and I cried when it ended. I saw online that the last episode has several nods to the pilot, so I rewatched that before I watch the ending. It was amazing to see just how far the show had come, and how different the sets and characters were. Even the way they used music to set the tone in the early years was different than in the end, more apparent. By the end the music was a lot less intrusive, and I hardly noticed it. I’m not sure what my next TV binge-watch will be, but it’s going to be either Hercules/Xena/Young Hercules, or it will be Buffy/Angel. They are both HUGE undertakings, so I know whatever show I don’t pick will have to wait a few years though.

10/100 – Thing 12 – Read the 2016 Newbery award winner, 1/16/16
I was very surprised to see that a picture book won the Newbery Award, the first time that has happened. I have to say, I was not impressed with winner Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Peña. It was okay, but nothing spectacular, and I don’t understand why it was chosen. I don’t mean that a picture book can never win, just that I disagree that this particular book is worthy. Then again, I have decided to give up on the goal I set for myself a decade ago to read every Newbery winner. If I haven’t read it by now, I’m probably not going to. There are a lot of winners I’m not remotely interested in reading, and a couple that I have read that I disliked and would have gladly given up on if I didn’t have this silly challenge that I was trying to do. But when I wrote my list of 100 Things last month, I hadn’t given up yet, hence I wanted to read the new winner.

11/100 – Thing 57 – Send a handwritten letter, 1/18/16
Not only did I send a handwritten letter to my best friend, but I enclosed scribbles that my 16 month old daughter colored for her. We talk and text a lot, but it felt really good to write out my thoughts with a pen and paper. I always forget how good writing by hand feels.

12/100 – Thing 60 – Send someone flowers for no reason, 1/20/16
I ordered flowers for a friend of mine “just because.” They were delivered today (1/22) a couple hours ago, but she hasn’t been home to see them yet. I’m still counting it as done and hope to be able to update this with a photo soon.

13/100 – Thing 36 – …and make someone read one [of my 5 most inspirational books], 1/21/16
I sent my sister the Kindle version of ish by Peter H. Reynolds, which is a short little picture book. While I hope my list will inspire people to read the other books too, I figured this was an easy way to check something off my list.