Go-To NaNoWriMo Resources

I’m on the NaNoWriMo site as TessD1891, and I’ve participated in NaNo since 2007. I won in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2015. Every year I used to hunt for the exact same resources for NaNoWriMo that I’ve used over and over, and I finally wised up.

These links will be in no particular order, just added at the bottom of the list as I find/think of them. Any website or program I add will be FREE to use, so if you notice a broken link or something that is now charging, please let me know.

Kalindria has TONS of great resources on this page. The one that I found in NaNovember 2012 that helped me greatly is Outline 50K 20 Chap, which is an awesome guide to writing a novel with 50,000 words and 20 chapters.

November Spawned: a Novel-Writing Handout is a resource I’ve used for my first few years. I didn’t use many of the pages, but I found the Novelling Progress and Writing Achievements pages to be indispensable.

NaNo for the New and Insane by Lazette is an e-book I found in 2007 and it is a great introduction for NaNo Newbies.

Write or Die is a site that I don’t use, but many wrimos swear by it. You write in the text box on the site, but if you get distracted, you get a mild punishment. You can edit the settings for the punishment, but beware: if you choose kamikaze mode, if you stop typing your words will erase themselves! Note: This site will not save your work when you leave the page, so be sure to copy/paste it into your novel.

WriteTrack is a great calendar/wordcount site that I’ve used during NaNoWriMo since it was started in 2010. Set a target word count, and the site tells you how many words per day you need to write. Then… you write. And tell the site how many words you wrote today. It will automatically adjust the wordcount for the remaining days based on how much you have written. You can also note what days you have less (or no) time to write, and it will adjust the wordcount to take that into account as well. If you put your NaNo username in your WriteTrack profile, you don’t even have to put in your wordcount, because the site will retrieve it.

Writers’ Cheatsheet is just plain cool. The site it’s on is called no whitespace, and that’s exactly what this is: “Plots are covered on page 1, characters on page 2, and lots of tips to fill the whitespace.” The text is small and covers the entire page, front and back. If you’re stuck, chances are this will give you some ideas.

K. Kitts – Downloads is full of great resources from NaNoWriMo participant Apollo16. I really like the NaNoWriMo Preparation Sheet and the accompanying NaNoWriMo Instruction Sheet.

Novel Writing Resources is a nice list of things that are super helpful for people running NaNoWriMo events, like MLs and librarians. There are printable handouts with basic info and progress charts, but there are also fun things like printable stickers and plot ninjas.

Julie’s Guide: Using mIRC during NaNoWriMo at GoodChatting.com! is the place to be if you want to use the NaNo chat room. This can be fun, especially when you want to have a word war/sprint with others but you aren’t at a write-in. People use this chat year-round, but some people only go in November. Julie’s Guide is an easy, step-by-step walkthrough that shows how to set up the mIRC program to open into the NaNoWriMo chat room.

Writer is an online “typewriter” where you can write with typewriter sounds (choose from manual or electric). You can create an account that saves your work so you can type anywhere with internet access (although of course it’s best to save your work in multiple locations during NaNoWriMo). I haven’t tried the mobile site, so I can’t speak for that, but I do like that you can print or create a PDF from the site, which is really cool.

Babynames.com is great for getting names for characters. Sometimes it’s fun to pick names to fit the character or with some hidden meaning.

Creating a Realistic Fantasy World is an amazing page with tips to help you in creating your world.

Dictionary.com and its sister site Thesaurus.com make my Merriam-Webster and Roget go drinking together since I don’t need them anymore.

*This is not an official NaNoWriMo site, and the content has not been reviewed by National Novel Writing Month. For more information on National Novel Writing Month, visit www.nanowrimo.org.

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